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Is Digital Banking too Risky?

There are some people that will not use online banking because they think that it is too risky. It is true that there are risks with using it but there are advantages as well. It is a good idea to think about the advantages so that you can decide whether these outweigh the disadvantages.

Can Keep a Better Check on Your Money

If you have online access to your bank accounts it means that you can check the details as often as you wish. This means that you will have constant access to be able to check the balance and see what money is going in and out. This can be really handy if you want to check different things. For example, if you want to know if a payment has gone through or gone out, then you can check from home without having to visit a bank. You can also check things outside of banking hours such as evenings and weekends. It can be quicker than using telephone banking because you will not have to be put on hold and wait, but you can normally get through right away to the online banking system. It can be much easier to budget if you can more easily find out what the balance on your account is.

Easier to do Transactions

It can also be easier to do transactions. If you want to transfer money between accounts or set up direct debits then it can be really easy to do this using your online banking system. If you do not have online access, you will have to telephone and wait on hold to speak to someone to organise it or go into a branch. With local branches closing, this is getting harder for people to do as well.

Great if you Cannot go out

If you cannot leave the house for any reason, perhaps due to illness or disability or caring for a child or other family member then being able to access your bank information remotely can be really useful. It means that you will be able to still be in control of your money without having to worry about finding someone to do it for you or a way to somehow leave the house. It can remove a lot of stress in this situation.

Can be Easier than Finding a Branch

If you live in a small town or village, then you may find that you do not have a branch of the bank that you want to bank with. This means that if you want to be able to do various transactions, then you will need to be able to either have access to online or telephone banking. Telephone banking may have a charge for the call and it could take you longer to get through compared with online banking.

Logging in is Secure

People do worry about logging in but banks do provide secure platforms for this. If you have a fire wall as well, this will protect your further. If you do a large transaction or something unusual, they will often have a facility where they send you a special code to your mobile phone to put in so that they can check that it really is you doing the transaction.

There is a Chance of Being Hacked

There is a small chance that you could be hacked. You may find that your firewall is easy to get through or you do not have one. You could find that the banks systems are hacked and your data is taken that way. You could also find that you accidently get led to a phishing page where you enter your data thinking that the page is genuine and then find that it is actually it is not and scammers have got your bank details and can use it to steal money from you. Although this can seem terrible, you will find that banks will deal with it really well. As soon as they are alerted they will investigate and they will refund the money that has been stolen from you and change your security details too.

So, although there are some risks to mobile banking, just as there are with banking over the phone, there are also lots of advantages. It is up to you to decide whether the advantages outweigh the risks. If you have trouble keeping track of your money or like to frequently check the balance on your account, then you could find that you will be better off online banking so that you can do this more conveniently. You will need to make sure that you have a good firewall to protect you on the computer that you are using and that you are also cautious that you are not being watched when entering your password and other secure details. Make sure that those details are not easy to guess as well.

How to Find the Best TV Deal

We all have to pay for television and some of us pay for more what we get than others. Of course, we will have to pay more if we want more channels but there is always someone we know that seems to have all the best channels but pay a lot less than us. What is their trick?

Combine Products

The first thing to consider is whether it is worth combining products together. For example, if you pay for your broadband and landline together with your television package it can be cheaper than buying them all separately. So, compare the costs of keeping them separate and combining them together so that you can decide whether you think that it will be cheaper to have them together as a package. Of course, when taking on a package, you need to be absolutely sure that you will use everything that is in the package and that it is what you want. Often you will get all sorts of TV channels that you never watch, so think about what you want and make sure that you are going to get good value for money before you actually decide to go for something. Just because it has lots of channels, does not mean it is good if you are not going to use those channels or if they were something that you would have not otherwise have had.

Check you Need all you are Paying for

It is wise looking at what you are paying for as well. Think about the channels that you get and whether you really watch them all. Consider whether there are some that you could do without and then have a look to see whether you could cut those out and save some money. You may find that there is a cheaper package that you can swap to that has everything that you enjoy on it. Of course, the popular channels tend to be included in the more expensive packages and if your is, then think about whether you really want to watch that channel that much and whether you feel that it is giving you good value for money considering the extra that you are paying for it. Some programs are broadcast on free to view channels a while after they have come on the pay to view ones. It could be worth waiting a while and then paying less for you channel. Remember that some channels have the ability for you to catch up on programs online and this might be free. So, you could potentially cancel that channel and then watch online instead. Do check this out first, to ensure it is free and check if you need a television license to watch it, if you do not have one.

Compare Providers

It can be a good idea to look at different providers to see whether there are significant price differences. You may have cable in your area or you may not but you can compare this to sky or other satellite channels and freeview or freesat. The prices will vary a lot and it is a good idea to thing about how much each costs and whether you are happy to pay that much money for the service that they provide. Of course, you may just prefer certain providers over others, it can depend on what your experience has been and what other people have told you about them.


If you have a provider that you really want to stick with, but you have found a cheaper one or you just think that you are paying too much, then give them a call. Talk to them about whether you can pay less for what you are getting. You will find that there are some providers that will be willing to offer you a discount, usually if you sign up for a fixed period of time, in order to keep you on as a customer. It is well worth asking as you never know what they might say and they could reduce what you are paying by a significant amount of money. You might feel a bit shy or worried about doing this, but there is nothing wring with it. Many of them will just keep putting their price up each year, but they will offer a lower price to new customers and this is not fair. They should be repaying you for your loyalty and so you should think about whether you should remind them of that and see if they are willing to reduce their prices a bit for you.